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With the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Access, Office Professional Plus meets all the demands placed on extensive office software. Whether you’re creating form letters, managing business figures and spreadsheets, designing presentations, creating databases, or organizing your emails, your business and private projects can be done in no time with Office applications.

This product contains:

  • Word 2013
  • Exel 2013
  • Power point 2013
  • One note 2013
  • Publisher 2013
  • Access 2013

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How to install

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus / 1PC

32 & 64 Bits

You have purchased:
Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus MS Office Pro
Product key per email.

Please take note of the following guidelines:
This is a retail version, which means that the product has been delivered together with another PC. It is original software, but sometimes problems can occur with the ONLINE activation.

Therefore I advise the following:
1. Try the ONLINE activation 2-3 times (if it works, please ignore the further numbering)
2. Install your device once again completely with the retail software (please select the correct link according to your device!)

3. If 1. and 2. fail or you do not want to reinstall, please activate your key by telephone:

From USA and Canada: (888) 352 7140 / outside USA and Canada: (716) 871 2781
From United Kingdom: (0) (800) 018 8354 outside UK: +44203147 4930

Dialing the telephone number corresponding to your country, you will be answered by an automatic answering machine. Please, try it several times, sometimes the machine does not work good.


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