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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Transform your customer data into actionable insights with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Discover a comprehensive customer data platform that empowers personalized engagement.

  • Know Your Customers
  • Engage on Their Terms
  • Boost Your Productivity

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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 1 year Subscription - Comprehensive CDP

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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights stands at the forefront of customer data analysis, offering an unparalleled, unified view across all data sources. Powered by advanced AI, this dynamic platform enables businesses of all sizes to forge personalized experiences, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a vital component of the Dynamics 365 suite, Customer Insights acts as a cornerstone for digital transformation, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Customer Insights and Dynamics Customer Insights capabilities to redefine how businesses interact with their data.

Know Your Customers

Understanding your customers is the cornerstone of creating personalized experiences that drive loyalty and satisfaction. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offers unparalleled insights into customer behavior, preferences, and history by unifying data from multiple sources into a comprehensive customer view. This deep understanding enables businesses to tailor their offerings and communications to meet the unique needs of each customer, fostering a connection that goes beyond transactions.

Get a Richer View of Customers

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides a comprehensive identity management system, powered by AI, to unify transactional, demographic, and behavioral data. This integration offers businesses a detailed understanding of their customers, paving the way for personalized interactions.

Enrich Data and Predict Intent

With Dynamics Customer Insights, leverage prebuilt AI models to enrich customer profiles. This feature not only enhances data with proprietary intelligence but also offers predictive insights into customer behaviors and intent.

Create Customer Segments

Utilize AI-driven recommendations to build or uncover new customer segments. Dynamics 365 CDP dynamically updates these segments with real-time data, ensuring your engagement strategies remain highly targeted and effective.

Respect Consent and Privacy

Microsoft Customer Insights prioritizes privacy and security, enabling organizations to add consent data during data unification. This ensures compliance with global regulations through automatic data refreshes.

Engage on Their Terms

In the age of customer-centricity, engaging with customers on their terms is crucial. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights empowers organizations to deliver personalized customer journeys across various channels. Whether it’s through email, social media, or direct communication, businesses can leverage real-time data and AI-driven insights to deliver contextually relevant messages and offers. This capability ensures that interactions are not only timely but also resonate with the individual preferences of each customer, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Deliver Real-Time Journeys

Craft contextually relevant, real-time customer journeys across various channels with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Optimize these engagements through A/B testing to discover what resonates best with your audience.

Boost Engagement with AI

Dynamics Customer Insights harnesses AI to deliver the right message at the perfect moment, enhancing customer engagement through optimized channel selection.

Nurture and Share Leads

Automatically score and qualify leads before seamlessly handing them off to sales teams. Measure the success of these initiatives with prebuilt analytics dashboards, a key feature of Dynamics 365 CDP.

Reach Customers Where They Are

Engage with your customers through their preferred channels, including text, email, and push notifications. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows for the integration of custom channels, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Boost Your Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are key drivers of business success. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enhances organizational productivity by streamlining data analysis and segmentation processes. With AI and machine learning capabilities, businesses can quickly identify trends, predict customer behavior, and automate personalized marketing campaigns. This not only reduces the time spent on data management but also allows teams to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation.

Get Insights Faster

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights simplifies the discovery of insights, enabling quick access to individual profile summaries through Copilot, thus streamlining the understanding of customer attributes.

Simplify Audience Targeting

Describe your ideal segments to Copilot for efficient segment building. Review and modify these segments with ease, ensuring your marketing campaigns are precisely targeted.

Tailor Content Quickly

Generate personalized content, from emails to captivating images, tailored for each segment with the help of Copilot, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.

Create Journeys Easily

Define your marketing goals, target audience, and desired customer flows effortlessly with Copilot, simplifying the journey creation process within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Enhance Your Business Strategy with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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Unlock New Possibilities

Unlock the potential of your customer data with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and drive meaningful engagement across every touchpoint.

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