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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

Elevate your customer service with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise. Transform customer interactions into meaningful connections through advanced AI, seamless collaboration, and optimized operations.

  • Make Agents’ Work Effortless
  • Enable Self-Service
  • Optimize Service Operations
  • Meet Customers Where They Are
  • Show Them You Know Them

What you will get?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise 12 Month Subscription - 35 User

1,999.00 $

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Licensing Term

12 Month

Users Supported

35 User

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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to make every customer interaction impactful. By integrating advanced AI technologies, real-time insights, and omnichannel support, agents are empowered to deliver personalized service effortlessly. From AI-powered chatbots to live collaboration in Microsoft Teams, this platform enables efficient issue resolution and enhances customer satisfaction. Enable self-service, optimize service operations, and meet your customers where they are, all while building on an open and extensible platform that grows with your business.

Make Agents’ Work Effortless

Resolve issues faster with Copilot

Streamline customer service processes with Copilot, saving agents time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Get real-time insights

Utilize AI for sentiment analysis and knowledge recommendations, equipping agents with the tools they need to succeed.

Connect with the right agent

Improve first-call resolution with AI-based routing, ensuring customers are matched with the best-suited agent.

Collaborate live in Teams

Foster quicker issue resolution through collaboration in Microsoft Teams, tapping into a network of expertise.

Enable Self-Service

Provide AI-powered chatbots

Offer real-time resolutions with conversational AI bots, enhancing the self-service experience.

Deliver conversational IVR

Human-like interactions through AI-powered IVR streamline customer service operations.

Self-serve with automation

Boost productivity with automation, making routine tasks and complex transactions effortless.

Get answers from community portals

Utilize community portals for collaboration and to gain insights from other users and experts.

Optimize Service Operations

Get supervisor insights

Access comprehensive dashboards for real-time analytics and KPIs to drive operational excellence.

Find coaching opportunities

Identify trends and areas for improvement across interactions and knowledge management.

Drive efficiency with automation

Leverage over 1,000 prebuilt flows to eliminate manual processes and enhance service delivery.

Predict and plan staffing levels

Utilize forecasting to ensure optimal staffing levels, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Set up voice channels

Implement scalable phone systems to assist customers across various channels.

Enhance digital engagement

Engage customers on their preferred digital platforms for faster service delivery.

Provide real-time translation

Break down language barriers with real-time translation, ensuring clear communication.

Use sentiment-based routing

Tailor customer support by routing based on emotions and needs, enhancing personalization.

Show Them You Know Them

Get a 360-degree view of customers

Offer personalized service with a comprehensive understanding of customer history and preferences.

Authenticate with biometrics

Utilize cutting-edge biometric verification for secure and personalized customer identification.

Analyze sentiment

Monitor engagement and understand customer intent with AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Learn customers' journeys

Personalize offers and recommendations by analyzing customer interactions and journeys.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise - Overview Video

Unlock New Possibilities

Transform your customer service today with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise. Deliver personalized, efficient, and impactful customer experiences.

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