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Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Revolutionize HR management with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Streamline operations, enhance employee experiences, and unlock strategic insights for better decision-making.

  • Transform Employee Experiences
  • Optimize HR Programs
  • Increase Organizational Agility
  • Discover Workforce Insights

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources 12 Month Subscription for 35 User at Wholesale Price

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12 Month

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35 User

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What is Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides a suite of tools to optimize HR processes, increase organizational agility, and improve employee engagement. By leveraging integrated data and AI-driven insights, HR professionals can deliver personalized experiences, manage benefits and leave, and foster a culture of growth and development. This platform enables businesses to not only manage workforce needs efficiently but also to anticipate them, paving the way for a more dynamic and responsive HR strategy.

Enhancing Employee Experiences

Elevate the workplace environment with Dynamics 365 Human Resources, integrating seamlessly into Microsoft Teams for enhanced communication, centralizing employee information for streamlined management, and providing self-service options to empower employees. Tools for managers and resources for employee development are readily accessible, fostering a culture of growth and efficiency.

Integrate Seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

Enable direct access within Microsoft Teams for employees to manage leave requests and view time-off balances, fostering smoother communication and workflow.

Centralize Employee Information

Create comprehensive profiles that capture employees' achievements, skills, and interests, enhancing connectivity and recognition within the organization.

Empower with Self-Service Access

Provide employees with straightforward tools to access personal and professional development resources, streamlining HR interactions.

Equip Managers for Success

Offer managers advanced tools for monitoring team performance and automating routine HR tasks, boosting efficiency and leadership effectiveness.

Promote Professional Growth

Support employees' career development with accessible training and certification programs, encouraging continuous learning and advancement.

Optimizing HR Programs

Dynamics 365 Human Resources simplifies and enhances leave management, offers customizable compensation strategies, and redefines benefits to meet diverse employee needs. Integration with existing payroll systems and LinkedIn Talent Solutions streamlines payroll processes and recruitment, respectively, optimizing HR functionalities.

Streamline Leave and Absence Management

Design leave programs that are both globally compliant and competitively structured, adapting to regulatory changes with ease.

Develop Adaptive Compensation Strategies

Craft tailored compensation plans that align with organizational guidelines, allowing for seamless adjustments and rollouts.

Innovate Employee Benefits Administration

Utilize versatile tools for a customized benefits enrollment experience, accommodating life changes and diverse employee needs.

Enhance Payroll Integration

Connect with leading payroll providers and leverage Dynamics 365 Finance for a holistic view of financial operations.

Elevate Recruitment Processes

Integrate with LinkedIn Talent Solutions and other systems to streamline recruitment, enriching the talent acquisition journey.

Increasing Organizational Agility

This platform enables swift integration with various HR solutions, simplifying administrative tasks and automating routine processes to enhance operational efficiency. Built-in security features ensure data protection and regulatory compliance, while Power Platform integration offers expanded capabilities for HR management.

Facilitate Integration with HR Solutions

Create a comprehensive HCM ecosystem by seamlessly connecting with specialized HR applications.

Simplify HR Administration

Reflect your organizational structure accurately with streamlined HR management tools, reducing complexity.

Automate for Efficiency

Boost productivity with automated HR processes and task workflows, cutting down on manual efforts.

Ensure Robust Security and Compliance

Leverage Microsoft Azure's security to protect data and comply with regulations confidently.

Expand with Power Platform

Customize and extend Dynamics 365 Human Resources functionalities with the Power Platform, enhancing HR services regardless of technical skill level.

Uncovering Workforce Insights

With Dynamics 365 Human Resources, visualize HR data through Power BI for actionable insights, leverage embedded analytics for informed decision-making, centralize data management with Microsoft Dataverse, and capture employee feedback via Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, facilitating a data-driven approach to HR strategy.

Leverage Power BI for HR Analytics

Utilize Power BI for dynamic HR dashboards, offering deep insights into workforce planning and performance.

Utilize Embedded Analytics

Make informed decisions with analytics that provide a clear view of HR operations and impact.

Centralize HR Data with Microsoft Dataverse

Simplify data management by integrating HR information with existing systems for comprehensive analysis.

Gather Feedback with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Enhance workplace collaboration and understanding by capturing and analyzing employee feedback through targeted surveys.

Empower employees with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Unlock New Possibilities

Empower your HR team and workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Start transforming your human resource management today for a more engaged and productive workforce.


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