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Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations unifies operational workflows, enhancing project management, financial visibility, and resource optimization across global teams.

  • Improve Deal Management Experiences
  • Drive Project Success
  • Optimize Resource Utilization
  • Simplify Time and Expense Tracking
  • Streamline Project Financials
  • Gain Visibility for Impact

What you will get?

Dynamics 365 Project Operations 12 Month Subscription for 35 User at Wholesale Price

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12 Month

Users Supported

35 User

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What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Transform how you manage deals, projects, and resources with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Tailor resource-based costing, streamline deal cycles, and leverage unified dashboards for insightful customer engagements. Empower project managers with advanced tools, optimize HR programs, and drive business performance with streamlined financials. Enhance collaboration, automate processes, and gain actionable insights for strategic decision-making, ensuring project success and profitability.

Improve Deal Management Experiences

Customize pricing models, adapt billing to project needs, accelerate deal closures, and manage pipelines with actionable insights for enhanced customer engagement.

Customize Resource-Based Costing and Pricing

Adapt pricing strategies to local markets and exchange rates, optimizing for a global workforce.

Tailor Deal Structures

Develop contracts suited to project-based organizations, including various billing models to support customer financials.

Accelerate Deal Cycles

Employ templates for quick estimates, schedules, and pricing.

Unified Sales Dashboard

Gain insights from a consolidated customer view, enhancing engagement.

Drive Success in Project Management

Equip managers with comprehensive tools, ensure budget adherence, foster team collaboration, and utilize insights for project adjustments and forecasting.

Equip Project Managers

Leverage Microsoft Project for comprehensive management tools.

Accurate Project Estimates

Track and compare budget-to-actuals to ensure financial integrity.

Collaborative Project Lifecycle

Enhance team collaboration with integrated tools and communications.

Insight-Driven Adjustments

Utilize analytics for project trend analysis and adjustments.

Project Forecasting

Generate forecasts to manage resources and budgets effectively.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Maximize efficiency, align skills with projects, and anticipate resource needs with intelligent scheduling.

Maximize Resource Efficiency

Balance workloads to optimize project delivery.

Skill-Based Resource Alignment

Match projects with skilled personnel.

Intelligent Scheduling

Ensure efficient resource allocation with up-to-date scheduling.

Simplify Time and Expense Management

Enable mobile submissions, ensure policy compliance, and automate expense management for accuracy and convenience.

Mobile Time and Expenses

Facilitate remote submission and management of expenses.

Ease Compliance for Teams

Provide user-friendly tools for time and expense tracking.

Automate Expense Policies

Implement workflows for policy adherence.

Streamline Project Financials

Achieve precise revenue recognition, improve cash flow with quick invoicing, maintain accurate accounting, and expand ERP integration for comprehensive financial oversight.

Accurate Revenue Recognition

Adhere to accounting standards for timely revenue reporting.

Quick Customer Invoicing

Enhance cash flow with efficient invoicing processes.

Precise Project Accounting

Manage accounting with detailed cost and revenue profiles.

ERP System Expansion

Extend capabilities with Dynamics 365 Finance integration.

Improve Business Impact Visibility

Visualize KPIs for quick decisions, democratize data to break silos, and forecast accurately with snapshots for resource and budget management.

Visualize Insights for Decisions

ccess KPI dashboards for agile business responses.

Democratize Data

Share insights with project teams using Power BI.

Forecasting Snapshots

Create accurate resource and budget forecasts.

Optimize Project Management with Dynamics 365 Operations

Unlock New Possibilities

Transform your project operations today. Streamline management, enhance efficiency, and uncover insights with Dynamics 365 Project Operations.


Wolsalekeys - The Wholesale Leader Of Microsoft License Keys

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