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Windows Server 2016 Standard (16 Core / 32 Core / 64 Core / 96 Core)

Standard edition of windows server 2016, 16 & 32 Core is ideal for any company or individual that needs advanced features but will still not be virtualizing heavily.

  • New Deployment Options
  • Innovative Networking
  • Cost-Efficient Storage
  • Added Layers of Security
  • Built-In Containers

What you will get?

Windows Server 2016 Standard (16 Core - 32 Core - 64 Core - 96 Core) License Key

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Licensing Type


Licensing Term

Lifetime / One Time

Users Supported

1 User

Devices Supported

1 Device

Delivery Method

Digital Instant Delivery

Platform Supported


What is Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition 16 Core

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (16 & 32 Core) is a functional server operating system for users that need a robust system, the standard Windows Server 2016 is adapted to the Azure cloud to apply new security to your company’s applications and infrastructure. This system allows you to enhance security and reduce risk through multiple layers of security built into the operating system. This version allows you to save money with network and storage technologies.

Cost-Efficient Storage

Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage and reduce costs

Built-In Containers

Develop and manage with agility thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers

Innovative Networking

Software-defined networking to automate with cloud-like efficiency

New Deployment Options

Increase availability and reduce resource usage with the lightweight Nano Server

Added Layers of Security

Enhance security and reduce risk with multiple layers of built-in protection

Enhance Security with Windows Server 2016

Rely on new layers of protection built into the operating system to further safeguard against security breaches. Help block malicious attacks and enhance the security of your virtual machines, applications, and data

Protect Administrator Credentials

Help guard administrator credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks by using Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard. Limit administrator privileges with Just-In-Time Administration and Just Enough Administration

Virtualize without compromising security

Use Shielded Virtual Machines to help protect your virtual machines from a compromised fabric as well as improve your compliance. Shielded Virtual Machines are encrypted using BitLocker and will run on healthy hosts

Increase efficiency & agility with a software-defined datacenter

Solve your operational and budgetary challenges. Blend physical and virtual infrastructures through software-defined compute, storage, and networking technologies

Respond faster with rapid network scale

Move your network-control layer from hardware to software. Automatically balance and shift workloads without setting switches

Rely on resilient compute

Run your datacenter with the utmost confidence with an automated, resilient server operating system

Get affordable high-performance storage

Increase datacenter efficiency and reduce storage management costs with software-defined storage capabilities

Protect the applications that run on your operating system, anywhere it's deployed

Enhance the protection of your applications on-premises or running in the cloud. Help ensure only trusted software runs on the server with Device Guard. Help protect against memory corruption attacks with Control Flow Guard. Help protect against known malware with Windows Defender optimized for server roles

Increase application isolation

Help protect container-based applications with Hyper-V containers. Use the distributed firewall, a software-defined networking capability, to control internal and external network traffic to virtual machines

Detect security threats quickly

Help detect suspicious behavior in the kernel or other sensitive processes with advanced auditing capabilities. Plus, use Microsoft Operations Management Suite Insights & Analytics tools to set up alerts and reporting

Build cloud and hybrid apps

Combine the benefits of containers with Nano server, Azure Service Fabric, and Windows Server for true business agility in cloud-native apps. Create microservices applications using fewer and compressed resources. Develop faster using the lightweight Nano Server installation option. And use Service Fabric to build always-on, scalable, and distributed applications to run in Azure, on-premises, or both

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