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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 Vs E5

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security, also known as EMS, is suite of tools that provide extra control over your company’s data. There are two versions for the enterprise: E3 and E5. This blog article will dig a little bit into the differences between them.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security, or EMS, is a new product to Microsoft’s portfolio. Before there was Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, there were four separate products.  It includes four components:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Rights Management
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

what is Microsoft EMS E3

Microsoft EMS E3 is the “original” version of EMS. It includes The “P1” versions of Azure Active Directory and Azure Information Protection. It also includes Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. Essentially, Microsoft EMS E3 contains the “base” version of the 4 products included in EMS.

what is Microsoft EMS E5

Microsoft EMS E5 contains everything in EMS E3 with three additions:

  • You now get the “P2” Version of Azure Active Directory. It contains “new Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management” capabilities. These new functions help protect against identity theft, and provide additional usage data on admin actions.
  • You now get the “P2” Version of Azure Information Protection. It adds automatic classification to your feature list. This means documents can be automatically encrypted, rather than the only available “manual” encryption method in P1.
  • Microsoft’s new Cloud App Security – this can help you discover the cloud apps in use in your network, and control access to those apps. (For instance, it will inform you of which 3rd party services an employee may be using without authorization).

Comparison of Enterprise Mobility and Security E3 and E5

Feature EMS E3 EMS E5
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Intune
Azure Information Protection
Advanced Threat Analytics
Cloud App Security
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 Vs E5

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