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WINDOWS 8.1 – Professionnelle

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Windows 8.1 Professional is the enhanced version of Windows 8, which is designed specifically for touch screens and on this platform type professional users and companies optimized work support. The Windows 8.1 Professional operating system is not only compatible with compatible tablets and handhelds, but can also be used as usual via mouse and keyboard on the laptop or computer. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional supports its users with a redesigned interface, an optimized system, as well as new functions and programs to the perfect extent.

With Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional, compared to the Windows 8 Pro, some optical and system engineering optimizations were implemented. The most striking difference is the option to have the desktop tiled or classical. Also the start menu of the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system can now be displayed with the right mouse button, similar to Windows 7, if required. Thus, users are supported in both the operation via touch screens as well as with the mouse and keyboard with the appropriate setting. In addition, come with Windows 8.1 Professional numerous new pre-installed modern apps. Also the previous apps like “” Videos “”, “Music”, “” Camera “” and “” Photos “” have been enhanced in the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system.

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