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RDS Licensing in Windows Server 2022: What’s New?

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is integral for remote access to applications and desktops, and Windows Server 2022 brings significant advancements to its licensing structure. Let’s delve into the latest updates in RDS licensing for Windows Server 2022, offering improved accessibility and usability.

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Transition to Perpetual RDS CALs

In a significant shift, Windows Server 2022 introduces perpetual RDS Client Access Licenses (CALs). This shift from subscription-based models to perpetual licensing means a one-time purchase for uninterrupted access, eliminating renewal complexities.

Simplified Licensing Model

Windows Server 2022 streamlines licensing by offering perpetual RDS User CALs and RDS Device CALs. This simplified model removes the intricacies of subscription-based licensing, providing users with perpetual access post a one-time purchase.

Flexibility in Hybrid Environments

The new RDS CALs in Windows Server 2022 offer enhanced flexibility, catering to hybrid scenarios encompassing both on-premises and cloud-based environments. They provide access to Azure Virtual Desktop and on-premises RDS deployments.

RD External Connector License

The RD External Connector License continues to offer unlimited external user access to the organization’s RDS environment. However, it follows a periodic renewal process unlike the perpetual CALs.

Migration Considerations

Organizations currently leveraging RDS CALs under previous licensing models should plan a smooth transition to the new perpetual licensing model upon migrating to Windows Server 2022. This transition necessitates strategic planning for compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Compliance and Documentation

Detailed record-keeping of RDS CALs is crucial for compliance and audits. Comprehensive documentation ensures transparency and aids in effectively managing licensing within the organization.


Windows Server 2022’s updates in RDS licensing, particularly the shift to perpetual CALs, mark a significant stride towards a more straightforward and cost-effective remote access solution. These changes align with the evolving dynamics of modern workplaces, emphasizing flexibility and ease of management.

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